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Older person friendly, patient and family centered.  


  • Evidence based assessment of neurocognitive (thinking), neuroaffective (emotional) and neurobehavioral (movement) functions for persons age 65 to 105.  


  • Mild and Moderate Cognitive Impairments, the Dementias including Alzheimers, Vascular, Lewy Body, Pick's, Frontotemporal, Korsakoff's, Parkinson's, Small Vessel, Supranuclear Palsy, and Mixed. Offering diagnostic accuracy, explanation, prognosis and treatment planning. 

  • Perioperative, Post-Viral (ICU and non-ICU) neurocognitive status including post-COVID-19. 


  • Sensitive evaluation of memory, judgement, reasoning, planning, problem solving, language, orientation, learning, self-monitoring, focus, visuospatial, social cognition, decision making, per everyday living.


  • Baseline, quantification and serial measurement of change including early, mid, late, pre- and post- procedures and therapies. 

  • Impact of major medical conditions on neurocognitive capacity including, e.g., Arthritis, Cancer, COPD, Depression, Diabetes, Immunologic, Huntington's, Migraine, Multiple Sclerosis, Pulmonary Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis.    

  • Medico-Legal capacity (selected services for current patients) per Independent Living, Financial Decision Making, Consent to Treat, Driving Safety, Testamentary.      





Treatment and Care Options


If neurocognitive, neuroaffective and/or neurobehavioral diminished capacities or deficits are found, an individualized treatment plan is outlined for your consideration. In doing so we can:  

- Treat reversible conditions.

- Stabilize functional challenges.

- Manage acute, intermittent, chronic signs, symptoms. 

- Engage preventive measures to potentially slow              progression. 

- Build multidisciplinary healthcare teams to                        meet your specific needs.

- Define and shape future expectations. 

Maximize independence, decision making and quality    of life for patient and family.  


Neurocognitive and Functional Capacity

Memory and Aging

Differential Diagnostics and Treatment Planning

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