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A.  Medicare (Red White and Blue) and Other Primary and Secondary Insurance
We're happy to clarify your insurance benefits and submit all paperwork on your behalf. Fees are most commonly $184.00 per hour. We do ask that fees, deductibles, and copays be made when you receive direct billing.  
Insurance codes you may see on your statement can include, for example: 
90791  Diagnostic evaluation

96105  Aphasia assessment

96116  Neurobehavioral status exam 

96136  Neurocognitive testing

96132  Integration decision feedback

90837  Treatment services


B.  Fee for Service

Your investment is in you, your brain, your health. Our patients that are out of network, have high deductibles or are without health insurance often prefer private pay for access to outstanding quality, highly specialized Neurogeriatric care. In doing so, we will do our best to provide you accurate fee estimates, though in some cases this can only be determined over time.
Fee for service (or private pay) includes a 20% discount and can be paid monthly to offset your everyday bills. We'll always provide you a statement (including Dx and Tx codes) which can be submitted to your HSA (health savings account), to your insurance carrier, and/or to include in your annual Tax Return.  
C. Financial Hardship Discounts and Pro Bono options


We understand healthcare costs are terribly high. If you're trying to decide whether to pay the rent, buy food, or obtain healthcare, please ask us about financial hardship discounts and pro bono options . . . 


Questions about your bill? No worry, please give us a call at 303-242-3510. We're happy to help!
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