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Bathroom Breaks and
Poolside Lunches

Don't forget to arrive 15 minutes early to make sure all that fussy paperwork is complete!  

Initial visits can be 90 to 120 minutes and include history and review of relevant systems. (Ideally, Dr. S. will have already received your records and reviewed them). 

Follow-up appointments are usually 60 to 120 minutes and include labs and measures, review of results, and consideration of the pros and cons and options per treatment recommendations. 

Need a break? Us too! We have sparkling bathrooms just down the hall, and an in-office kitchen to heat things up or cool things down.
You are always our #1 guest . . . 

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Cognitive disorders are neurological conditions that affect thinking, memory, behavior, mood and personality.
Correctly selected lab tests allow us to fully address the needs of each patient. As a new patient, appointments usually include:


An initial visit, about 90 to 120 minutes, where Dr. Schechterman will review your symptoms, history, and perform a general exam. From these results, selected diagnostic tests are usually ordered for your second appointment.  

You and Dr. S. will work together to complete a variety of non-invasive diagnostic tests (paper, pencil, other) that assess your neurogeriatric health. We'll look for patterns of strengths and weaknesses that will assist in diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Finally, Dr. S. will review your test results and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan. Results detail strengths which are used to compensate for any deficits. Treatment recommendations will be coordinated with your Primary Care and/or Referring doctor and may include subspecialty clinicians such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and/or geriatric medicine.


Depending on treatment options, you may also meet with Dr. S. for continued care. Lots of folks, and family members, wish to continue! 

Questions about what to expect?

No worry, give us a call at 303-242-3510 or email us at . . . we'll answer them all! 

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