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Differential diagnostics is the art and science of weighing the probability of one disease versus that of other diseases, then plausibly accounting for a patient's presenting concerns. It is essential to successful clinical outcome.

While presenting signs and symptoms may capture the most attention, is the the patient's history and context that is often most relevant to getting the diagnosis (and thus the treatment), correct.   

One of the most common differentials is between normal benign aging, depression, and dementia. Select the table below to view key brain and behavior variables which point to the "unremarkable" as well as to the "of concern and warranting attention."   
Your history, who you were, who you are now . . . and all the years in between, is fundamental to providing quality care to seniors and geriatrics. 
Changes with normal aging, dementias, and depression.
 National Institute
 of Health and
Interested in participating in National Institute of Health and Aging Clinical Trials? Learn more here: or
Our practice is privileged to work with IMMUNOe, Dr. Isaac Melamed MD and Team, in supporting aging related clinical trails. If you qualify for a NIH-NIA or IMMUNOe clinical trial, diagnostic and treatment services are usually provided at no cost, and offer you the opportunity to participate in, and influence cutting edge healthcare approaches and technologies for yourself and future generations. 
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